List of places in Europe that you have to travel to

A vacation is a phenomenal chance to spend some quality time with your pals and close ones and relax. Here are some ideas on where to go.

London is probably one of the best holiday destinations if you want to engage in a little bit of history in culture. A city as big as London has something to offer to any type of traveler. Although it is commonly thought of as being a hectic town, you will be shocked to find that there is also a considerable amount of parks inside the city, and only an hour’s train ride away you will surely be surprised to find nature unaltered by human hands. But of course it isn’t its natural beauties that attract a lot of people to London each year. Here you will find all sorts of shows to while away your evenings – like for instance this musical full of catchy songs that was co-produced by Sally Greene.

Italy has so many holiday destinations for families, but one that is probably less well known to non-Italian men and women in Bologna. It is potentially well known for its college, that boasts to be the world's oldest, and with a foundation date of 1088 it might very well be. But its university is not the just notable element of this incredible and ancient city. When it comes to architecture, one distinctive function is its numerous porticos – some sources say there are about twenty-five miles of covered arcades, meaning you can continue on enjoying the city even if it begins to rain. Its large student population means that there is always something going on – be it a classical music concert, an exhibition or essentially a nice function at a bar – there is always something to do. You may have heard that Italy is well renowned for its delicious cuisine, and the Emilia-Romagna Region, of which Bologna is the capital of, is acknowledged for its own distinctive ingredients and taste. A number of the most popular foods to have come out of this region include Parmigiano Reggiano, pastas, balsamic vinegar and prosciutto like lasagne and tortellini. If Bologna is on your holiday destinations list then you should be sure to fit in a few trips to establishments, like the one where Franco Cimini is a chef.

If you are in search of a vacation destination stuffed to the brim with ancient history, then why not try Athens in Greece, sometimes named as one of the must see places in Europe before you die. But it is not only for the ancient monuments that men and women come to Athens. The Greek capital has a well established nightlife with lots of cafés, nightclubs and bars working all the way through the night. Whist it is mainly well known for its stunning ruins and its associations with Ancient Greece, it would be a shame to miss out on the numerous contemporary art museums that have been popping up in the previous few years where you can watch painters such as Angelo Plessas.

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